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Harnessing facial expressions to create
New User Experiences

MAL FaceEmotion is an SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides rapid detection and analysis of facial expressions captured by a phone or PC camera.
Incorporated with your services, it permits new user experiences making use of these emotions.
The system operates at high speeds on a standalone mobile device and no external network connection is required.
The generated facial emotion values can be easily quantified and displayed in real-time in the form of graphs and such.

Emotion Display

Our SDK allows for the following values

1) Vibe
The mood of a scene, as a number from 0-100.

Active/Positive values as numbers between 0-100.

3) 5 Emotions
Values denoting each emotion type - Happy, Sad, Surprise, Angry, Neutral. All given as numbers 0-100.

Vibes values as seen on an example dashboard.

Example use in an interview

SDK / Dashboard Specifications

・Recognises and quantifies facial expressions captured on camera and quantifies in real time.
・15-20 FPS during recognition (depending on environment).
*Dashboard graphs display average values per second.
・Up to 20 simultaneous detections (depending on the environment).
※When multiple people are recognised, the returned emotion values are average values

・Real-time display of data every second.
*Customisation of individual functions and settings possible on request.

Case studies

Use in recruitment interviews

Glove Heart, operating five nurseries in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, introduced this system to conduct 'smile interviews' to aid recruitment of friendlier staff.

Introduction on TV

Our facial emotion recognition was featured on 'Kansai Janihaku' on 8 May 2021 (Mainichi Broadcasting).

Visualisation of office atmosphere

Detecting drops in office mood, we were able to determine when extra engagement / motivating music could be used.

Introducing emotion recognition in attendance management systems

In addition to attendance management, HR was able to gain employee insights by capturing trends in emotions.

Where can FaceEmotion be used?

・Reading the mood at events, venues, shops etc.
・Utilization for mental health by facial expression analysis
・Expression analysis in interviews.
・Research level of interest in video content etc.
・Analysis of students' facial expressions in online learning.


The system is available as a SDK / library for various mobile platforms.
We are happy to assist with app development, or embedding in web systems as needed.

Accuracy of emotion recognition values


You can sample recognition directly from your phone. (Our sample app is a free download)

Web Browser

You can check the recognition accuracy from the URL below.

Privacy protection

Our SDK, library and dashboard do not store or externally transmit any captured image; images are deleted immediately after values are obtained by the AI models in the SDK and library, and only these values are used.
Identification of individuals or organisations from this data is not possible, and no private information is handled at any time.

SDK Usage Cost

Standalone SDK Use: $300 per month

Dashboard Use: $200 per month

・Minimum contract period 6 months
・1 year log storage.
・Single account access.
*Please consult with us if multiple accounts are required.
*Two-week free trial available.
*Consultation on customised implementations available.

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